Studio FAQs

What is Pixify Studio?
A powerful AI keywording studio designed and tailored for efficiency - both in speed and in productivity.
Does Pixify Studio support video?
No not yet. We're working on supporting videos of all lengths. Stay tuned.
Can I upload entire folders?
Yes - and if you prefer you can upload via FTP which allows you to upload all subfolders as well.
When are my files deleted?
When you choose to delete them. 
Where are my files being stored?
Your content is being stored on safe and reliable Amazon S3 cloud storage. This allows us to store large quantities of data with fast and instant availability. Storage of your content is included in your Pixify Studio subscription.  
Can I get a refund?
Afraid not. We have a generous free plan that allows everyone to try it out before signing up.
How do I verify my account?
Accounts are verified by phone number. The number will not be stored for later use. This is an attempt to mitigate the flood of fake emails exploiting the free plan.
Will my files be used to train the AI?
No - we respect your hard work in.
Is there an API?
Yes - however, It's in beta so reach out if you're interested in trying it out.